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Performance marketing for accelerating companies.

We got tired of the
same agency BS, so
we built something

We got tired of the same agency BS, so we built something

In this new era of digital marketing, we’re the ones with the experience to get you reaching your full potential.

At Unicorn Traffic, we are passionate about paid traffic and customer growth. We understand that finding partnerships and media buying can be time-consuming. Most traditional agencies are not innovative enough to help you scale past the 8-figure mark.

That’s why we’ve built Unicorn Traffic to provide fast-growing companies with the elite roster of media buyers and strategic plans they need to thrive. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of performance marketing so you can get real results with real customers.

Brands We’ve

Worked With

We’ve generated hundreds of millions in traceable revenue for some of the world’s largest brands. Here are just a handful.

What is Unicorn Traffic?

Simply, we are a team of performance marketers and media buyers that wants to kick traditional digital marketing to the curb.

What’s wrong with traditional marketing agencies? Nothing, really. We used to be one. But we found that traditional digital marketing wasn’t cutting it for certain fast-paced, successful companies. So we decided to make a new standard for paid traffic strategy.

With our experience and deep bench of elite media buyers, businesses have more chances than ever to supercharge their marketing efforts. We spend all our time studying the ad platforms and optimizing our strategies.

Unicorn Traffic provides businesses with calculated campaigns and strategic revenue generation across multiple channels.

We are proud to have helped countless businesses achieve their revenue goals, and we look forward to helping you achieve yours.

The Values That Drive Us

These core values drive every interaction we have, relationship we build, and product we create.


Scrappiness creates the ecosystem for calculated risks


Structure provides vision to improvise and target ever-evolving trends


Hustle culture works for us to best serve our prestigious clientele



Traditional marketing is not good enough. Massive growth requires a different approach.

Our Founders

Will Perry , CEO

Will Perry, co-owner and CEO of Unicorn Traffic, has been a digital marketing trailblazer for over 15 years.

Despite starting his career with no formal marketing education, Will’s passion for the industry led him to devour every article, resource, and bit of knowledge he could find. His hard work paid off, and he quickly climbed the ranks, becoming a Marketing Manager at 23 and Director of Sales & Marketing just a few years later.

Will’s desire to control his own destiny led him to create a successful digital marketing agency that quickly received over a million-dollar offer from a DTC brand.

Today, Will is known for his relentless pursuit of performance and his ability to push the limits of what’s possible. He’s the owner of REASON Agency and Elite Media Buyers Academy, in addition to being a co-owner of Unicorn Traffic with Max Finn and Jeremy Adams and is dedicated to staying ahead of the latest trends and thought leadership of the current digital marketing ecosystem.

Will leads the Unicorn Traffic team with his passion for helping other businesses grow and succeed in the highly competitive world.

Maxwell Finn , President

Maxwell Finn is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, and marketing expert with over a decade of experience in the field. He is the president and co-owner of Unicorn Traffic, where he puts his passion for supporting entrepreneurs to utilize performance marketing innovative strategies to help them succeed.

Maxwell came from a long line of entrepreneurs and began his own entrepreneurial journey started in college and sparking a series of successful ventures. He quickly became known for his expertise in digital marketing, particularly paid traffic, and advertising.

As an investor and advisor, Maxwell has helped launch and scale dozens of startups, raising millions of dollars in funding. He is known for his ability to identify promising new technologies and help entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Maxwell is a sought-after speaker and podcast guest and has spoken at numerous conferences and events worldwide. He is also a prolific content creator, sharing high-value educational content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Jeremy Adams , COO

Jeremy Adams is a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader who is the COO and Co-owner of Unicorn Traffic. With over a decade of experience in the startup world, Jeremy has become a well-known figure in the business community for his innovative ideas and strategic thinking. Before launching Unicorn Innovations, Jeremy founded and led several successful companies, including Prestige Food Trucks and Quantum Media.

A natural-born leader, Jeremy is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their dreams. Through Unicorn Traffic, he is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and services that enable businesses to thrive in the digital age. With a keen eye for emerging trends and a deep understanding of what drives success in the modern business landscape, Jeremy is a force to be reckoned with in the startup world.

Drawing on his years of experience as a founder and CEO, Jeremy is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges facing startups and businesses in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. As a speaker, author, and thought leader, Jeremy is a respected voice in the business community and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. Whether advising clients, collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs, or driving the growth of Unicorn Traffic, Jeremy is always focused on creating a better future for startups and businesses everywhere.

Our Team

Ronni Beauregard

Operations Manager

Jack Hind

Operations & Creative Strategy

Kaila Johnson

Client Communications Manager

Brian Linehan

Sr. Paid Social Manager

Brant Pearson

Media Buyer and Lead Strategist

Skyler Jewell

Head of Partnerships

Jono Wong

Paid Search Specialist

Ben Dahl

Media Buyer

Carly Lind

Creative Strategist

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We Help Brands with Proven Offers Add
100 or More Sales Per Day on a
Performance Basis.

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We Help Brands with Proven Offers Add 100 or More Sales Per Day on a
Performance Basis.

© 2023 Unicorn Traffic. All Rights Reserved.